Metasyntactical evaluator, but I just…

Anand is in town this week, and I was fortunate enough to be able to go over to Liz’s place tonight to enjoy the fruits of some of Anand’s cooking along with Liz and her housemates. What a treat! The menu included fresh figs with feta, some wonderful Indian chicken dish whose mane now escapes me, brown rice, and some delectably spicy green beans with coconut and black mustard seeds. To top it all off, we had Manhattans, pumpkin muffins, and dark chocolate.
Of course, over drinks Anand and I stumbled across a copy of SICP, which for some reason was nestled between plays and performance theory texts on Liz’s shelf. We flipped through and had a good laugh about the adventures of Alyssa P. Hacker, Ben Bitdiddle, and that shady character Louis Reasoner. We were also able to remember what the cadr actually refers to (there was some uncertainty at first as to whether it was the car of the cdr or the cdr of the car), and experienced a weird sort of delight looking at box-and-pointer and environment diagrams. Remember the double bubble? Yes, the double bubble.
Which is all very funny, because in today’s film class we ended up on the subject of silly jokes, and I was talking about “-er” jokes, which, to my surprise, no one was familiar with. So I tried to explain, but for some reason I couldn’t remember my favorite “-er” joke phrase, and ended up only being able to think of two examples: poker; and metasyntactical evaluator. This latter one was a little difficult to explain, for obvious reasons.
Fortunately, my footage went over better than my jokes.
The other nerdy happening of the evening was the wasting of about twenty minutes here. I guess that would be the other end of the linguistic spectrum…


4 thoughts on “Metasyntactical evaluator, but I just…

  1. Dude, you had an opportunity to tell silly jokes and didn’t break out “E to the x and a constant…”? I’ve used that one many times and not once got a solid laugh. I still love it, though!

  2. Ah, yes! Duh! I feel so ashamed now. Of course, everyone would have laughed if I had gotten it right. Let’s hope that was just my tiredness talking there.
    I guess I must have had the Jeffrey C. Barrett song on my mind or something. I’m telling you, scheme turns me into a crazy person. It messes with my head. But you gotta love having the opportunity to talk about Edwin without some puzzled looks coming straight your way.
    The e^x and a constant joke has on occasion gone over well, but it tends to fail when people haven’t taken any calculus, or don’t remember the calculus they took. But that is definitely one of my all-time favorites.
    Seriously, I cannot for the life of me remember my favorite -er joke phrase. Anyone remember it? It’s just so good.

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