Political coda.

But enough with the academicky musings… The real point is that the Wisconsin primary is a week from today, and it will be both the first primary and probably the most important election in which I have ever voted. By important I mean that my personal individual vote will probably matter more than any vote I have previously cast in a presidential contest, having only voted in New York and Massachusetts prior to my time in Wisconsin, and not in any primaries. The combination of (a) voting in an important late primary, (b) knowing that my vote will matter, and (c) actually having a candidate to get behind is something I really haven’t yet experienced as a citizen. And the atmosphere in Madison is palpable: just last week I had this little Nepali lady who runs the cash register at a local restaurant urging me to vote for Hillary, out of the blue. (That was the Awesome Unexpected Civic Moment of the day.) I’ve never been a huge one for politics, having been, well, a bit soured early on growing up in Albany in close contact with the workings of New York State election law — and so feeling both invested and important is quite a new thing for me on the political front.
I have to say: a girl could get used to this.


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