On Wisconsin!

We got hit with some pretty horrible weather here this weekend, prompting me to make my dinner early last night for fear that we might lose power due to all the ice and snow. (Fortunately, we didn’t, and I was able to read after the sun went down.)
I shoveled first thing this morning, before making coffee even; it’s slippery out there under the snow, I’ll tell you that. The paper was there though — yesterday it took until the afternoon to arrive, and no surprise, either. Even Hillary Clinton had to reschedule her Madison campaign event at Monona Terrace. (She must be kicking herself now for not coming to Wisconsin last week…)
Wisconsin is finally getting some election attention in the national news — a good thing, since the primary is tomorrow — and reading the paper this morning makes me really excited to get up tomorrow and vote! It’s nice to know that the media (and certain candidates) are finally realizing that this state is going to matter, even if it isn’t the biggest prize to claim. I just hope that everything will get plowed and cleared in time for the polls tomorrow, so people can actually get to where they need to be to cast their votes. I’m lucky enough to live only a couple of blocks from mine, but no doubt there are plenty of folks who have further to travel, and who got hit a lot harder by the storm than Madison did.
In the meantime, I’ll be curled up at home (and, eventually, on campus) reading Elliott West’s The Contested Plains. And digging out my car.


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