I had an early class today, so I got up, showered, dressed, had half a grapefruit and made coffee, packed up my lunch and coffee and packed my bag, and left the house at 7:40 to go vote just down the road before catching the bus into campus. My polling place is at a nearby elementary school, and though they usually have the balloting set up in the main hallway, this time everything was inside the auditorium. I appreciated the change of scenery: there’s something wonderful about going into an elementary school auditorium, especially one in a school built in the first half of the twentieth century. It was like a miniature version of a modest but nice theater, with a gently sloped floor and WPA-ish murals in earthen hues depicting scenes from frontier Wisconsin. What a wonderful place to cast a ballot.
I was in and out in a few minutes, and was at school by just after 8, a bagel in hand, ready to review the reading before class. It was icy today and damned cold, cars spinning out at intersections and folks slipping on the sidewalks. Still, I was able to wave to a couple of determined campaigners holding signs on State Street and on campus. I just hope the weather didn’t keep too many people home. Today’s an important day, and I’ve done my part; now, we wait, and see.


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