Banana nut muffins.

We had some very ripe bananas sitting around, so last night I decided that I would make some banana nut muffins this morning. After finding only banana bread recipes in Joy and Fannie Farmer, I cast about on the web, and stumbled across this recipe from the Food Network. It sounded particularly good — especially considering we are out of white sugar at the moment — and the reviews were, well, raving, so I copied it down for my recipe box and, when I got up, gave it a try.
I added a little cinnamon and nutmeg as per some of the reviews, and substituted about a half a cup of white whole wheat flour for the white, as well as adding a bit of wheat germ, and I threw in a few more nuts. I’ve already had two muffins, and I’m eating two more right now. The verdict: delicious.
What intrigued me most about the recipe was how it has you cream half the bananas with the brown sugar to make this bananas-foster-y goo (be sure to sample a lick after you’ve added the vanilla), saving the remainder of the bananas (lightly mashed) to fold in at the end with the nuts. That way the banana-ness comes both in the muffin’s flavor and in its texture. Looks delectable, too.
All in all, I highly recommend adding this to your repertoire. Just be forewarned: though it says it makes 12 muffins, I found that it made about a dozen and a half, or a little more. Either they were using some kind of enormo muffin tins, or mine are small. At any rate, I ended up with 19. Not quite so many left now…


4 thoughts on “Banana nut muffins.

  1. I guess if you make them small then you can easily put away 4 in one sitting!
    Also remember than time I got all bullshit at JCB because he was whining about banana pancakes? Good times!

  2. Yeah, that was good times. Those pancakes were delicious. And you remember how we used to try to get him to eat foods that had bananas in them without telling him? Like smoothies and stuff? Man, he could smell a banana a mile off.

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