Clear and cold.

Tonight Peter, a couple of the housemates, and I went out to take a look at the lunar eclipse. We bundled ourselves into our warmest clothes (and some hot chocolate into thermoses) and trudged over to a nearby park with the dog to gaze at the night sky. Going observing with Peter is always a joy, since he actually knows a thing or two about the heavens, so we also got to see Mars, Saturn, and a bunch of constellations, and learn a bit more about eclipses than we knew.
We were out for about half an hour, and I managed to stay completely toasty in my layers and layers of winter clothing — feet and fingers and all. I actually ended up being a little chilly when Peter and I went out a second time to watch the last part of the umbra pass and drink a little more cocoa. It’s a cold night out there for sure, but I am going to miss these winters when I move back east. The cold does bring out a certain vivacity in me that other weather simply doesn’t. I love the winter, and a good cold, clear night in February, with the snow creaking underfoot like an old wooden floor — well, it doesn’t get much more winter than that.


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