Three things from Sunday’s paper.

NUMBER ONE. Michael Pollan is at it again, cluing us into why we should really give a care. A good piece, as usual, and the hopeful message is both appreciated and right-on; but he still has no answer to the social-justice side of the question — my perennial complaint when it comes to his recent work on food, agriculture, environment, and health. Yes, it would be fantastic if we could all start gardening, but isn’t that assuming a lot of your readership? Of course, when you’re writing for the New York Times Magazine, I suppose you have the luxury of not having to consider the viewpoint of a mom on food stamps. Maybe his next book will get to this.
(On a historical note, it might be worth mentioning the demographic changes in the United States since the last time victory gardens provided a substantial proportion of the American food supply, not just in terms of population, but in terms of rural/urban percentages and the like. Still, Pollan’s usually pretty good with the history side of things, which is presumably why I got to put not one but two of his books on my Environmental History prelim list. That’ll be a welcome relief.)
NUMBER TWO. Do you remember Bill Nye? The Science Guy? Well, apparently he is even more awesome than you thought. (Also, I think this might be a preview of Scottoway in later life — anyone else get that sense?)
NUMBER THREE. Bees are awesome. Someday I am going to write a book about apiculture. In the meantime, I am simply going to make a note of every interesting thing I see, hear, read, or otherwise encounter about our good friends apis mellifera. This is one of them.
Good night!


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