Middletown prospects.

Now that I’m home and the apartment-hunting stress is (hopefully) over with, I can delight in the good things about the impending move back east. Apart from the already-mentioned perks of NESN, Globe sports coverage, a Dunkin’ Donuts every few yards, and that sort of thing, here are some things I am looking forward to:

  • Eli Cannon’s. Good beers, good atmosphere, good Reuben, good sweet potato fries.
  • O’Rourke’s Diner. Homemade corned beef hash, delicious soda bread. Amazing.
  • Long Lane Farm. Wesleyan has a farm! And it’s also a CSA. Awesome.
  • Proximity to family. Wow, imagine spending Easter at home again! And Thanksgiving! How long has it been since I’ve been able to do that?!
  • Proximity to friends, Boston, NY, &c. The Wilbur Cross/Merritt take you right to Paul’s. Boston/NY are a short drive or train ride away (Metro North and Amtrak in New Haven!). There are even some friendly folks living in CT these days.
  • Having dinner parties. Since Abs left, I don’t really live with people with whom I cook, so the impetus to host dinner parties has dwindled. Though I’ll miss the farmer’s market and the co-op, I do look forward to cooking for other people again, as well as to not always having to be the one to cook dinner for myself.
  • Proximity to Maine. Oh yes. I may not have a porch or a backyard, but the drive to Portland is pretty darned short, and the porch in Maine is pretty much the best porch ever.
  • Having a place to live in a good neighborhood with the perfect walk to campus and a nice home office for me. Oh, and have I mentioned my great housemate?

Just gotta get those prelims done…


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