Divorce City, USA.

Just got the program for this year’s Agricultural History Society meeting, which has some really interesting information on Reno in it. For instance, did you know that Reno marketed itself as a place to get divorced? Man, Nevada really does have it all.
Our session is the first morning of the conference, which is pretty much ideal, since it gets the stressful part out of the way and gives us the remainder of the time to enjoy ourselves, pay close attention to the other panels, get feedback from colleagues, and really make the most of our time, rather than fiddling with PowerPoint or tweaking language or practicing in the hotel room. The only sad part is that we’re scheduled against the presentations of two folks we definitely would have otherwise gone to see: Jess Gilbert and Kendra Smith-Howard. Ah, well — just means we can have beers and relax with them after we’re all done.
The plan is to stay an extra day or two and check out Tahoe, Truckee, and that area, maybe do some hiking. Now I just have to figure out what field trip I want to go on while I’m at the conference.


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