Limpiador, limpiador, limpiador de manos.

Every girl should have:

  • a socket set
  • screwdrivers and hex wrenches of various sizes
  • facility with tools and confidence in one’s ability to figure out how to fix something
  • GoJo

Just finished up a bit of bike maintenance on the old Schwinn Abby was using before she left — lubed the chain, did a derailleur adjustment and a little seat/handlebar configuration. Mostly fixed a problem with the rear brake calipers, though it’s still a bit sticky. Perhaps I’ll ride it on over to Revolution when the weather’s good if I can’t figure it out myself…. and on the way pick up an adjustable wrench from the hardware store, since changing wrenches/sockets every few seconds without a really intuitive sense of what a 3/8″ nut looks like gets a bit tiresome. Oh well — nice to get the hands dirty again. Would you believe that the GoJo is left over from the carboat project? Clearly I haven’t been working hard enough.


3 thoughts on “Limpiador, limpiador, limpiador de manos.

  1. 1. You CAN figure it out.
    2. If you are going to buy an adjustable wrench, best make it a Crescent® (I guess they are made by CeeToo Co., now)
    3. however…BTW…I have been quite satisfied with the new Kobalt® tools being sold at Lowe’s, which tend to a) come at a lot less for decent tools, and b) in waves of sale prices for complete SETS: maybe you’d like them if you need to fill in holes in your stocks
    4. Good to learn you are still doing this stuff: there’s a lot more to do too before you are done ;-D
    5. Just got back from Mike&Lex’s place and a fine dining experience, me in my sling and sweat pants, weveryone else in their “casual finery” — she puts on a real class(ic)y meal and he remains one of the most amusing folks I know — what a WIT!

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