Consider the author.

Today we have Michiko Kakutani on DFW, and an homage piece from Slate. [Note: I was a little bit disturbed to find this ad randomly chosen to appear beside the article. There’s a part of me that suspects that the man himself might have found it incredibly, horribly, excruciatingly funny. Man, I hope he had life insurance!]
When I was last in the Harvard Book Store, my one purchase was a copy of David Foster Wallace reading selections from his latest (and, now, last) collection of essays, Consider the Lobster. When I checked out, the clerk told me to be prepared for what he deemed to be Wallace’s “incredibly Midwestern” accent. When Paul and I eventually popped the CDs in the car stereo on our way back to Ann Arbor, I think we concluded that the checkout guy was just incredibly East Coast.
He’ll be missed. Wallace, not the checkout guy. Though he seemed nice, too.


2 thoughts on “Consider the author.

  1. Nothing at all! It’s just that his comment evidenced his relative inexperience with Midwestern accents, since DFW’s wasn’t much of an accent at all. At least, I’ve heard much, much stronger Midwestern accents in my time in the Midwest.

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