It’s fifty years since the man who would go on to head ISO and ANSI was used as a yardstick to measure the length of the Harvard Bridge, and the Institute is celebrating.


One thought on “Smootiversary.

  1. The Smoot markings are nothing more than written record of a fucking hazing ritual, and uncritical acceptance of the ‘hack’ shamefully devalues that word.
    It’s exactly as ‘charming’ as the MIT-frat hazing rituals that have left freshman dead. Including, it is alleged, a young fellow from Orchard Park NY, Class of 2001. Its end shouldn’t justify its means, nor its intent – mere hazing, mere abuse.
    Unworthy of MIT. (If Smoot didn’t have such a goofy last name we wouldn’t be laughing about this inane prank.)

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