Wait, is that Dale Sveum doing a manager’s interview?

I must have been out of the loop, but I just learned, while watching the NLDS, that Dale “Wave-‘Em-Home” Sveum has been the interim manager of the Brewers since mid-September. I remember hearing his name over the PA when they announced the base coaches the last game I was at in Milwaukee, but, until I tuned in to Game 2 tonight, I don’t think I’d seen his face since the Red Sox’s postseason run in 2004. And then, sure enough, there he was, looking the part, we’re-in-the-postseason stress stubble and all, wearing the big clunky headseat and spouting the Bull Durham interview platitudes like he was born to do it.
Of course, tonight’s game is not going so fantastically thus far for the Brew Crew, after Sabathia walked a few to load the bases and then gave up a grand slam in the second. I’m staying tuned, hoping that Milwaukee will rally and maybe get those Philly fans to stop waving those ridiculous towels around.
New pitcher in the 5th, though: not a super-fantastic sign. Fingers crossed here for McClung. Even though he just issued a walk to the first batter.
And now the bases are loaded.
Let’s hope that Sveum brings a little 2004-Red-Sox postseason luck to the — oh, YES, Prince Fielder just robbed a guy of a hit — boys from Milwaukee. Go Brewers!


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