It’s official: I am a dissertator. I got the email from Bascom Hall on Monday, with its congratulations followed quickly by all the official language about having to finish in five years lest I be required to take prelims again, and getting IRB approval for any human subjects research. But wait, just let me bask in that “formally admitted to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree” part for one more second…
All of which is to say: prelims and my trip to Madison went well. The weather treated me well for the drive up to Boston, Abs and I got to spend some time together before flying out to Wisconsin, I actually managed to get some studying done pre-exam, and we both got to see all our dear friends. I managed to squeeze in not only the important advisor meeting but also a little tour of the Silver Buckle Press in Memorial Library, a doctor’s appointment, lunch at Himal Chuli, beers and the Bad Breath Burger at the Weary, and some quality time on State Street. The prelim itself went well, and Abby and TD surprised me outside the room when it was all over, with hugs and congratulations and an escort to the Rathskeller. The big celebration was at the Fish Fry on Friday, an excursion to Quivey’s Grove, where we enjoyed pretzel-breaded perch and plenty of brandy old fashioneds. There was even a little hitting-up-the-bar-formerly-known-as-JT’s and an Avenue Bar Sunday breakfast over the weekend before we shipped back out to Logan. And, back in Salem, Abs took me to Red’s Sandwich Shop, where I had the most delicious turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry in a suitable Thanksgiving pre-game before driving home to Albany for the holiday.
And now back to reality: this pesky proposal thing…


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