First snowy morning.

We woke up here today to find the skylights covered with snow. It’s raining now, but the forbidding weather outside has made me quite happy to be curled up here indoors, working on the last pieces of this fellowship application. Last night I managed to complete my first draft of chapter five of the dissertation, which is a big milestone since it’s the first chapter I’ve managed to crank out thus far. It wasn’t too painful, either, which is good: perhaps I can actually write this thing.
The snow, fleeting as it has been, lends today a celebratory air—a sense that winter is approaching, that the holidays are just around the corner—not to mention that end-of-semester feeling that I find so conducive to work, even when the semester itself has ceased to have much meaning. In the timeless space of writing, it’s good to have these things that ground you, that bring you back to the rhythms of the year.
Plus, it’s easier to stay indoors when the from the window is pretty but uninviting.


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