Advice to undergrads.

Ladies, socks are a good idea once November rolls around.
Gentlemen, it is not necessary to walk around in a cloud of body spray.


2 thoughts on “Advice to undergrads.

  1. You wouldn’t believe the number of kids that walk around MIT in flip-flops, even in December. It drives me nuts. How can you be a scientist/engineer and wear flip flops? Don’t you occasionally plan to walk into a lab?

  2. At Wisconsin, I always say that, for the girls at least, half the year it’s the flip-flop shuffle, and the rest of the year it’s the ugg-boot shuffle. Pick up your feet, people!
    Earlier this week there was a fellow in the archives — not a student, mind you — who was wearing so much cologne/body spray that I could not walk into the reading room without sneezing. I mean, it’s one thing in the capaciousness of the library, but another thing entirely when you’re in a confined, temperature-controlled reading room.
    All I want to smell in the library or archives are books and documents, and maybe occasionally the faint chemical smell of old photographs and negatives.

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