Sage Chapel Christmas Vespers.

Sunday night I attended the first concert of the Sage Chapel Christmas Vespers here on the Cornell campus. It was packed, but I found a seat, and was treated to an hour and a half of amazing music and readings. It was a wonderful treat: a combination of performances from the Cornell Choir and Glee Glub, organists, and trumpeters, gospel and other readings by various Cornell folk, and hymns and carols sung by the congregation. Some of the performances were just breathtaking; the readings were all well done; the atmosphere was gorgeous; and the chance to sing with a group songs of celebration was just what I needed to get ready for my second week of research and solitude.
This was definitely one of the best Christmas programs I have ever been to; if you’re ever in Ithaca at the end of the fall term, I highly recommend attending. But be sure to arrive early to get a seat! The two performances are free and open to the public.


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