Winter vegetable korma.

I follow this one cooking blog, and while I often see things that look really yummy that I’d love to make sometime, I haven’t actually tried out many of the recipes, usually because I don’t have all the ingredients on hand (San Francisco seasons and produce being somewhat different from those in central Connecticut). But last week, I saw this recipe for a winter vegetable korma that looked amazing—and, miracle of miracles, I happened to have almost everything I needed to make it right there in the fridge. I cooked it up with the potatoes and cauliflower, plus carrots, zucchini, and kale (which were in the fridge), minus the tofu (which was not), and Paul and I enjoyed it for several meals, first over some leftover couscous, then over rice. It was delicious, and a little spicier than I anticipated; I have now filed it away in my recipe box to make again. A dish very amenable to adaptations.


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