The office at midcentury, in artifacts.

From the 1955 Annual Report of the Montana Extension Service 4-H Club Office:

Office Equipment Purchased. The efficiency of the office was improved by purchasing the following equipment during the year:
Remington Rand Electric Typewriter
R. C. Allen Vis-O-Matic Typewriter
TB-5 Dictaphone Timemaster Transcriber
TA-5 Dictaphone Timemaster Dictating Machine
Y & E Typewriter Desk - metal
A-22 Cramer air-flow posture chair
Two #5201 2-drawer steel files
No. #2404 Y & E four-drawer steel file
One 9 x 12 rug and pad
Two bulletin boards 38" x 27 "
Swingline Stapler
Four desk pen sets
Hummer three-hole punch
Six Pendaflex frames
Two Collegiate Miriam Webster Dictionaries
One Standard Rand McNally Atlas

Scottoway, this one’s especially for you.
Source: Montana State University Extension Service Records, 1912-1970, Box 81, Folder 16. Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections, Montana State University Library, Bozeman.


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