A-Side gets together in Wales.

Ladies and gentlemen, our esteemed Scottographer has just posted the photos from last September’s First Annual Transatlantic A-Side Get-Together. Good thing these are up before the Second Annual Transatlantic A-Side Get-Together gets underway.
Though there are many gems, including some very Burt-Reynolds-y shots of jrandall (good LORD!), and the insane one of tfazio on the swingset, my favorite photo in the series has to be the last, which looks as though it were the last photo ever taken of the hiking party before they were buried by the avalanche, or attacked by the terrible mountain monster of Eryri or something. OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT?!
Fortunately, we are all safe and sound, ready to trade in coasteering off the chilly shores of Pembrokeshire for sipping Pimms above the rocky coast of Peaks Island.
So much to celebrate!


3 thoughts on “A-Side gets together in Wales.

  1. Scott: I think we must have been deciding whether to attempt a further ascent, or possibly even pointing at that weird tarp shack (shepherd’s shelter?) up the trail, now that I think about it. But, in any event, it is a hilarious photo, especially as an abrupt narrative ending to the set of photos. (Perhaps this is a visual trope we will need to replicate next month?)
    Jason: I hope things are going well for you folks over there! We’re really looking forward to the chance to get together in the Heimat. Maybe in darkest January?

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