Yep, that’s right, we finally got married. I’ll save the details for when we have illustrative images from our esteemed scottographer, but suffice it to say that the day was beautiful, the ceremony lovely, the choir impressive, the flowers perfect, the food delicious, the dancing a blast, the location amazing… everything just as we had hoped. (Our crowns and bouquets even made the Broadturn Farm blog.)

Since the wedding meant that I basically did nothing relating to my dissertation for the entire month beforehand, it’s probably a good thing I am here at Cornell for the remainder of the summer, even if it means separation and no honeymoon to speak of. Though I think the entire crew of the Mikä Vene would agree that we sure had a great time in the week we spent in Maine afterward.

If you’re really itching for visuals, to tide yourself over you can wander over to Anna’s blog and take a look at some photos from the “bachelorette party” my friends threw for me when I was back in Madison in May. (I put this in quotes not for any reason that is apparent from the photos themselves, but because the period prior to dinner involved a hike at Devil’s Lake and a great deal of geological discussion about the Great Unconformity. Plus, dudes were there.)

But, yes, Cornell: time to really kick-start the writing! Next on the docket: chapter six.

Photo by A.J. Place.


4 thoughts on “Hitched!

  1. I’m not worried at all! It also sounds like AJ and Lauren have several… thousand… more photos or so, which will be conveyed to us on CD. And that’s one reason that film seemed like a good idea… That and: what A-Side gathering would be complete without the Widelux? And a Scott with several cameras dangling from his neck?

    I’m actually kind of stoked about the passage of time between the wedding and seeing the photos. It means that, instead of replaying the day in images just a few days later, we’ll really get to revisit and relive it having had the time and distance to absorb everything. I feel like it will cause us to remember things that we forgot in the hustle, and that this will result in little moments of joy and pleasure. Little surprises, each one a gift.

    Also: if anyone else has photos up that they’d like to share, let me know. I’d be happy to post links on the wedding website or here.

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