Writing in the post-9/11 age.

This news story, brought to my attention via Steph, whose husband Jeff is interviewed therein, gives new meaning to trying to get a foot in the door. (The short version: a screenwriter trying to get his script read left a briefcase containing a computer, which had the screenplay loaded on it, in an agent’s driveway. Surprise, surprise: they called the Beverly Hills bomb squad.)

Really? Who leaves their computer behind? Why not just… print out a copy? Have agents gone 100% electronic? And what are you going to use to write your next screenplay, when the agent runs over your briefcase with his BMW — or the bomb squad disassembles your “device”?

The lesson I take away from it: hard copies, printed out on paper, are a good idea. You’d never mistake a twine-wrapped stack of 20-lb stock for a bomb. Though perhaps not putting it in an envelope would be a good idea. We know how people react to suspicious parcels.


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