A small archival triumph… hopefully.

It’s my last day at the Cornell archives, and for over a week now I’ve been trying to find a film that I had been trying to track down for months, and swore I had located weeks ago in one of the (what now seems like hundreds of) finding aids I have looked at here over the past month and a half. For the life of me, though, I could not find it again; until today, when I stumbled across a note I had pencilled on one of my sheets of scrap paper, noting the name of the film and an asterisk, reminding me to come back to this particular collection and look at it when I wasn’t bogged down with a bunch of other materials. Thank goodness!

The film is of an unknown format, and it won’t arrive from the annex until this afternoon, but as long as it’s 16 mm (probable) and in good condition (fingers crossed), I’ll be able to watch it before the day is out. If it’s all I hope, this should be an excellent source for chapters five and six; and, if not, it will at least be interesting to see.

Another box just appeared on my reading room desk, so it’s time to get back to the textual sources…


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