A nomadic year begins.

Now that Labor Day is past, and the cool weather of autumn is blowing in, it’s time to recognize the beginning of a somewhat nomadic academic year for Paul and me. It begins here in Maine, where we are staying until the weather gets too cold for comfort, or the pipes in the house threaten to freeze, and we have to shut the water off, which ever comes later. It then finds us visiting family in New York, California, and Arizona for late November and December, before we head off to Berlin for a few months in January, where Paul has a little stint at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to incorporate something of a honeymoon trip into our European travels, since my summer fellowship at Cornell made anything more than an immediate post-wedding week of relaxation impossible.

We’re both settling into our work routines up here: me in a spot in the corner of the porch, which I will have to relinquish soon in favor of a spot indoors; Paul in a corner of the kitchen. Our to-do lists include revising introductions, drafting chapters, assembling job applications, and writing talks, as well as getting firewood delivered and weatherizing. For now, though, today’s as chilly as it’s been, and I’m comfortable in my corner with a fleece and a hat to fend off the damp. I’ve got a mug of hot strong coffee and a Tony’s Donut at my side, and I’m about to get to writing. For now, it seems like a pretty good deal.


6 thoughts on “A nomadic year begins.

  1. “we head off to Berlin for a few months in January”

    Do you have a time machine to squeeze a few months into January? 🙂

    1. Oh, be a stickler, why don’t you! Obviously we’re heading in January, and spending a few months. We (head off [to Berlin for a few months] in January). I think that works just fine.

      How’s your internet access? =)

    1. We’re really looking forward to it, too! We’ll keep you posted on our travel plans as we make them… Hope you folks are enjoying it over there.

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