Bittersweet wreath.

On our walk on Sunday, Paul and I came upon an area where the city had dome some mowing and brush-clearing recently. There were a lot of bittersweet branches and vines scattered on the ground as a result. Thinking I might be able to make some nice autumnal decorations for the house, I picked out a few good pieces, and brought them home.

Today I set to working them into a wreath. Using some pruners, I clipped off dead leaves and stray twigs, and separated my rat’s nest of bittersweet into a handful of discrete strands. One of these seemed well-suited to becoming a ring, so I used it to start things off. I then added the bits of vine without berries, wrapping them around and around, until I had something solid for a foundation. From there, I wove in the twigs of berries that were sticking out from my first bough, and then added the rest of my branches until it looked like a pretty balanced wreath.

It didn’t come out exactly round; and though I could probably fix that with some soaking and manipulating, I think it looks round enough to be presentable. If I hang it on the door the wide way, its own weight will probably hang it out into something less elliptical.

Now all I need is a wreath hook!


2 thoughts on “Bittersweet wreath.

  1. I’m so glad you’re back sharing your vintage Am stuff, must be that old married gene. I love it, so nostalgic. The wreath looks great and you make stopping by Jeff”s blog seem less like it’s on life support. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for writing, Carol! So nice to hear from you. Yes, I have been trying to get things going again over here — our time in Maine is great inspiration, fortunately, so that helps a lot. Plus, there’s nothing to get you started on a million other things like having a dissertation to write…

      I hope the fall is treating you and Jim well. My love to you both.

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