Easiest grocery shopping ever.

Every week or two, Paul and I make a foray from the island to do a little grocery shopping in town. This usually involves a Whole Foods run (the closest full-service grocery store to the boat) and a trip to Harbor Fish Market. Today, Paul and I decided to take advantage of their island delivery service: you come over and shop before noon, and they pack it up and transport it to Casco Bay Lines for you, and it ships freight for free on an afternoon boat. You can simply pick up your order at the ferry landing on the island. The only extra cost is a $5 deposit for the insulated bags in which they pack your perishables; you get this back when you return them. (If you want to call your order in, they’ll shop it for you for $15 — steep for us, since we like to come to town anyway, but I could see how it might come in handy.)

It’s a great service, well worth getting a morning boat to take advantage. Because we didn’t have to lug our stuff straight back to the boat, we were free to go have lunch, run some other errands, and not worry about the meat or the milk, or whether we’d purchased a lot of heavy items. We will definitely be doing this again. I have mixed feelings about the Whole Foods enterprise, but I have to say that, together with Casco Bay Lines, these two have a great program for island residents.


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