Definitely autumn.

I can see my breath in the house this morning, there was frost on the lawn, and Paul’s already got the woodstove going downstairs. We did some stove-related chores yesterday, scrubbing it down with steel wool and reblacking it, and reattaching the gasket that had fallen off the front door: it looks great now, and is beginning to take the chill off in the living room. We’ve put in additional weatherstripping on the windows to cut down on the more serious drafts, and while it would take a lot more than that to make this house snug, it is feeling a bit less… windy… inside.

Strange weather this holiday weekend, though: 34 last night, 57 today, 52 tonight, and 70s Saturday and Sunday, which means that I can extend my time working on the porch a little longer, and maybe get another load of laundry in before our next cold snap. Even though it’s been chilly, it has been gorgeous fall weather, clear as a bell and crisp, the kind of weather that makes you want to go apple picking, or on long walks. This weekend will almost certain involve many of the latter.

For now, a pot of coffee is in order, and maybe a quick walk down by the shore before I get to the day’s work.


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