Sweet potato, leek, and ricotta soufflé.

This morning over breakfast, I finally flipped through the latest Willy Street Co-op Reader, which arrived here a couple days ago. Even though I’m not in Wisconsin these days, I’ve maintained my membership, and so once I month I can be reminded of some of the things I miss most about Madison.

Today, as my mom and I were eating our omelets, I came across a recipe that seemed perfect for some of our Thanksgiving leftovers: sweet potato, leek, and ricotta soufflé. We happened to have exactly two cooked yams in the fridge, and a quick trip to the market garnered us a leek and some ricotta. Cook up some beets, uncork some wine, and voilà! At day’s end we had dinner, plus some leftovers which I plan to eat for breakfast.

After doing a little research here on ye olde webbernet, I have discovered that the Co-op actually got the recipe from In Jennie’s Kitchen. The only thing we did differently in our version was cook it up in a soufflé pan rather than a pie plate, which yielded good results. (Though it’s nice to know a pie plate is an acceptable substitute, when I am in my own kitchen rather than my mother’s and without a soufflé dish.) It turned out marvelously: a great combination of colors (the pale green leeks against the bright orange yams) and flavors, with a light texture and a nutty sweetness. It would make a perfect brunch dish.

We rounded out our evening of good food by watching Ratatouille, long on my list of movies-to-see, which I had gotten at the library in the afternoon. Delightful!


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