Conquering the to-do list.

Today is a red-letter day: I actually succeeded in crossing off every item on the to-do list I set for myself. Though these were not directly dissertation-related (applying for postdocs, submitting rec letters for students), they did keep me working solidly most of the day, they were all important, and they all got done. (Amazing what deadlines will help you accomplish.) Even though I hated to break my stride with chapter six, which has been my big task for the week, it does feel good to have a clean slate for tomorrow’s work. (Let us pause for a moment and appreciate how rare an occurrence this is, and how precious.)

In fact, I feel so good that now I think I may do something that was not on my to-do list today: read an article I just got that I think will be really helpful in writing this chapter. Just as a treat. (Because there’s something that just feels so good about crossing things off ahead of schedule — like getting your homework done early, and getting to go out and play.)


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