A-Side gets together in Maine.

The Scottographer has posted the photos from the Second Annual Transatlantic A-Side Get-Together, which took place over the week following our wedding this summer on Peaks Island, Maine. (You can see photos from the First Annual Transatlantic A-Side Get-Together in Wales here.)

The photo that I feel is most missing is one of the Junk of Pork sandwich, the signature specialty of the Mikä Vene, consisting of Micucci Grocery Store prosciutto, pesto, and provolone, piled high on thick slices of Standard Baking Company‘s country boule. (In other words, the best sandwich you can make with ingredients obtained within a five-minute walking radius of the public dock on Commercial Street in Portland.) Delicioso! Given’s Scott’s boule obsession, I am quite surprised to find not a single representation of this beloved meal. We must have been too busy eating.

In keeping with our coastal theme thus far, and our impending European travels, how does the Baltic sound for 2012? Or the Mediterranean?


3 thoughts on “A-Side gets together in Maine.

  1. Yes, it’s clear that we were far more occupied that day with capturing photos of Guano Island (a.k.a. Ram Island). And at least one of us with face-planting in the cabin, which, incidentally, was rigged for male passing-out.

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