Search trends.

I am continually amused by the search queries that direct people to this blog. MIT folk will be amused to know that the top searches bringing people here over the past several months are “mit november rule” and “mit ‘november rule'”, in that order. (Also, much lower down, we find “mit+november+rule”, “mit november rules”, and “freshmen ‘november rule'”. Great.) This is apparently my most popular search by far. Nice to know that people are still curious about that, I guess… But also gross.

(A quick search for the first of these similar strings tells me that, at present, I am the 8th hit. And now, presumably, the hits for this query will be even higher.)

When people are not being directed to a very old post for reasons which I do not care to dwell on for long, they are searching for pretty random stuff to get here. The most recent query to catch my attention — which prompted me to finally write up this post, having contemplated it for a while because of the november rule stuff, but not wanting to up my rankings (so much for that) — was “kludgetastic” (for which I am the fourth hit), but there are some other gems that have made me chuckle over the weeks and months. These include ‎”‘that is why they sent me, i am expert..'”, “is today low tide or high tide”, “lobster stuffed with tacos” and “excellent, sir. lobster stuffed with tacos”, “laanabolica”, and, of course, “lake of the coheeries” and “lake of coheeries”.

But people are not just being misled to my blog. There are some legit queries, too, ones that I can actually deliver on: “maude lebowski robe”, “agricultural historiography”, things relating to canawick bricks, “sweet brandy”, “tornado steakhouse madison”, “raymond williams keywords”, a number of searches relating to lobster bisque, the Ithaca Farmers Market, and Peaks Island, and, of course, variants of AmShazam, Amrys, and “amrys wedding maine”. The curse of being distinctly googleable!


2 thoughts on “Search trends.

  1. Oh man, “that is why they sent me, I am expert”, and “lobster stuffed with tacos” both gave me a hearty laugh out loud.

    On the other hand, I don’t ever recall hearing about the “November rule” before! I did sleep with a Freshman once, but do not recall whether the deed was done in October, November or December.

  2. Well, rule or no, it continues to pervade the ether, now with my help.

    Glad to bring a laugh. I keep chuckling at the search queries that come up. Currently “staying warm on the porch” is in the top three recently, along with “kludgetastic” and “‘peaks island'”.

    You should take a gander at “la anabolica”, though, if you want another laugh: this refers to a great Onion Sports bit from a few years back. Paul and I were quite keen on this. Il Monsto Verde! Aie!

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