For the Second West folks, I snapped this photo of a maintenance room sign at Tegel airport when we arrived last week:

According to Google Translate, this means “plaster room” — not necessarily an illuminating translation, but other web searches reveal it to be what it looked like: a janitorial closet of some kind. Actually very PTZ-appropriate!


3 thoughts on “Putzraum.

  1. The verb “putzen” means “to clean”. So it’s probably “cleaning room”, or as you say, “janitor closet”.

    Also, Google Translate will notice if you capitalize a word.

    putzraum is “plaster room”

    Putzraum is “cleaning room”

  2. My first assignment in junior high German was to circle all the nouns in a document. It was a silly assignment because you just circled the capitalized words.

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