Shopping with children and other no-nos.

After a day of solid writing and going through archive photos, I inevitably get a little punchy. The picture that really made me lose it this afternoon comes from a collection of late-1960s posters about “penny snitchers” — represented in physical form by a crazy-eyebrowed little character with a bag of (presumably your) money — and how to avoid situations that cause you to waste money when buying groceries. These appear to make the penny snitcher quite gleeful, and include things like over-buying, buying name-brand instead of store-brand foods, not storing food items properly at home and thus wasting them by allowing them to spoil, being duped by marketing gimmicks and other sales tactics, and, of course, the perennial problem of shopping with children in tow:

I love how evil the penny snitcher looks, and how overwhelmed this poor mother is by all that is happening. Three boys! Those scary eyebrows! Heavens!

This picture is now on my door at the MPI. Back to writing.

Source: Division of Nutritional Sciences Records, #29-4-2733, Box 1, Folder 26. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


3 thoughts on “Shopping with children and other no-nos.

  1. Ok Am, I missed why the heck you guys moved to Berlin. Benoc doesn’t know ether (& he knows everything). Hopefully I’m still cool enough to be reading the blog though I am terribly out of the loop.

  2. No worries! Paul is on leave this academic year, and was invited to spend a few months at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science here in Berlin this spring. Being relatively mobile, I decided to tag along. That’s pretty much the long and short of it. Hope things are going well for you folks in Boston! Hi to benoc.

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