Pergamon Museum.

I’ve uploaded some photos from our first museum outing a little over a week ago, when we spent a Sunday afternoon at the Pergamon Museum. I didn’t pull out my camera until we had already gone through the Pergamon exhibit itself, so there is no photo of the Hodensack.

Lion on the Ishtar Gate

While the Pergamon exhibit and altar were both fantastic, I was particularly taken with the Ishtar Gate, which is just a fraction of its original size, and is so very imposing already. The colors, in particular, transport me directly to one of my favorite spaces in the world, a particular hallway leading to the Egyptian galleries at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Turquoise and blue and deep yellow, warm and cool at the same time.

Though we went to the Islamic galleries last, I probably could have spent the day there. Such beautiful objects.


One thought on “Pergamon Museum.

  1. We are very glad you made this one of your early adventures. In early spring 1974 we were enthralled by and being in this museum ~ and I wanted to go inside the prominent artifact itself!

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