Experiment Station Record.

As I am constantly discovering in the course of my research, libraries today are in the midst of massive digitization projects, and more documents are becoming available online to researchers worldwide every day. Today I discovered the full run of the Experiment Station Record from 1900 to 1949 at the University of North Texas’s digital collections. This was a great boon to me, because I recently scanned a bunch of bits and pieces of the ESR I had photocopied from research I did for my master’s several years ago, but these constituted a rather haphazard collection, with a lot of title pages copied for reference but few complete articles. So, today, when I wanted the complete May 1914 issue (rather than the one page I copied), it was surprisingly easy to conjure up on my screen. Now I can read all about the official Experiment Station take on the passage of the Smith-Lever Act, which created the USDA Extension Service.

I hope to put together soon a more comprehensive entry on agricultural historical resources available online; for now, please enjoy perusing other UNT Digital Collections. If you’re into the ag stuff, check out the Experiment Station Reports they have there as well.


One thought on “Experiment Station Record.

  1. I just read that from 2003-2010, we created 5 exabytes of digital info every 2 days. The 2010 total of 912 exabytes is equivalent to the amount of into contained in all the books ever written. In 2012, we’ll be producing 5 exabytes every 10 minutes.
    Yes, we are entering a time of radical transformation . . .

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