A digital pedagogy for the non-digital.

Via Bill this morning comes Greg Downey‘s excellent post on what he calls a “counterintuitive digital media assignment”. As he describes it:

…students are asked to turn their digital expertise and expectations upside-down: to use online search tools specifically for the purpose of figuring out what’s not available to them with the click of a mouse, and to go through the process themselves of making a portion of that non-digitized world available in the network realm for future use.

The results: Helping undergraduates to get a really concrete sense for the vast set of sources out there that are not digital, not full-text searchable, not available online. Forcing students to actually enter the library stacks, or go to the archives, and helping them appreciate the labor and knowledge of archivists and librarians who know how information is organized, and who are responsible for so much of the materials that are now available in digital form. Giving students a sense of what libraries are, once you leave the computer lab. Demonstrating the long history of creating and organizing knowledge.


One thought on “A digital pedagogy for the non-digital.

  1. Speaking for all Dinosaurs, of which I am approaching the Office of President, it is good to be remembered … even in passing ;-D

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