In keeping with the seasonal produce most popular in Germany at this time of year, I bring you, from today’s browsing of the Albany Cultivator (now available on Google Books), Conover’s Colossal Asparagus:

Cultivator and Country Gentleman, vol. 33, no. 834 (14 January 1869), p. 47

One thought on “Spargelzeit.

  1. SWMBO brought in fresh arugala that has been up since before we left for Germany, and stuck it in my mouth on the back deck ~ Wow! and Peppery! I remarked. In short, just plain goodness any way you chew it. THEN we discussed summer salads such as we were making several years ago based on inexpensive fresh wild salmon we were able to buy each week at PriceChopper®. We’ll be concentrating on similar foods for our longing palates this summer too.

    PS: Yesterday, sitting out on the deck reading, I heard what at first I assumed was a distant lawn mower at something like high rev — but then I thought it was not a lawn mower but something else because the hum of the “mower” was more like a thrum — and I looked up from my book: there were bees over near the back door and flying up and down parallel to the back wall of the kitchen, but seeming to prefer the patio side wall. Then I really listened, because so few bees could not create such a riot of thrumming. I was actually concerned that to go there and look about was not such a sound idea, but as it quieted down and grew seemingly more distant, I did go.

    The spruce between Deible’s home and our own reaches perhaps 65 feet high. Between the patio, our chimney on the sun porch side, and that tree, the air was alive with a space-out dark cloud of bees that must have numbered more than 12,000 or so — I would actually say a guesstimate of up to 50,000 would not be an exaggeration, they were to thick in the air and investing themselves in the spruce at that moment. I tried to call my favorite beekeeper but could not get through to her at that moment, andwent back to my book. Soon, the thrumming lowered in volume and quieted down: whether the bees settled into the chimney or another location, they did not seem to fly away but to simply settle, although later only a few lingerers were visible.

    And that’s the news on that front.

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