We waited in line at Washburn, but it was cloudy, and they ran out of glasses, so we went to the Terrace for a beer. On the shore, we saw a good proportion of the department setting up telescopes and chowing on popcorn and beer. Mike Shank treated us to brats. It stayed cloudy, but the beer and company were good. A few of us left and headed to the bus. By the time I got off at my stop, the sun had come out. I made a pinhole in a piece of paper and tried my best to project it onto another piece of paper, with not much luck. Down the street I saw two people with viewing glasses. I asked if I could see. I did.


2 thoughts on “Transit.

  1. The pinhole didn’t work for us either, but layering some polarized lenses did. There’s a hole in the sun — only a few weeks after someone took a bit out of it!

  2. FANTASY: “I, too, held up a piece of paper with a hole in it.”

    The dampness of the over-clouded surrounding air made the paper go limp. (Well…it MIGHT have done had I tried it.) We went from bright sunshine soon after dawn yesterday morning, to something very like sombrero-night by not later than 8:00 a.m. That was our only ‘transit’-ion.

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