Good news for Madisonians on this Fourth of July: rumors of the demise of the Roman Candle Split (a.k.a. the best banana split ever) have been greatly exaggerated. It may not be on the menu anymore, and one waitress may have (mis)informed me on my last visit that they were going to stop making it; but it’s still advertised on the wall, and if you order one, they will make it for you. Paul and I split one tonight, and it did not disappoint.

For those of you not familiar with this particular delight: it involves a split banana, the flat parts of which are caramelized in the manner of creme brulee, with three scoops of Chocolate Shoppe ice cream (your choice of flavors), candied walnuts, chocolate sauce, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream. But it’s the caramelized banana that makes the split. Incredible stuff.


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