Logos and letterhead from the archives: Hotel Gayoso, 1958.

One of the things I have enjoyed doing as a little side project while going through archival records is snapping pictures of interesting letterhead from different moments in history. Sometimes I admire the design, sometimes the ostentatiousness or elaborate nature of the logotypes, and sometimes it’s just something that gives me a chuckle in the midst of a long day of research. I’ve been stumbling across these while working on the current dissertation chapter, and though I would share one with you today. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the pinnacle of luxury, Memphis’s Hotel Gayoso, the “South’s Most Aristocratic Hotel.”

1958 letterhead of Memphis’s Hotel Gayoso: The South’s Most Aristocratic Hotel. Source: C. I. Smith Papers, A88-21, University Archives Division, Mississippi State University Library, Box 2, Folder 106.

There seem to be historical photographs of the hotel available, as well as a digital collection on Memphis history.

I’ll be posting more as I wade through these archival photos. Get ready for some midcentury design, people!


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