From the research files: Lemon and water, 1945.

Here’s a good one I came across today: a Sunkist ad from the close of World War II that links American victory and national strength to regularity, achieved most healthfully by drinking a glass of lemon juice and water first thing each morning.

ad for sunkist citrus
Country Gentleman, vol. 115, no. 9 (September 1945), p. 96.

Here’s to your health!


3 thoughts on “From the research files: Lemon and water, 1945.

  1. ¶ Plattsburgh, NY, circa 1970: landlord the ninety+-year-old Leland Logan (who was still license by the FAA to fly at his age — and did fly, although he preferred fly fishing) made breakfast each morning one 6-ounce glass of natural apple cider vinegar mixed with honey, 1:1. Circa 1974, he was still going strong and appeared as upright and vigorous as we had ever seen him. ¶ I have since heard that the vinegar/honey concoction was well-known in the formative years of what would have been his youth ~ recommended for good health and long life with vigor. (A sampling of one doesn’t provide much proof of the fact, but … I can’t help but think it neither harmed Leland nor is likely to have stunted the growth or years of anyone else.)

  2. The ad’s a nice example of a company finding ways to market and package nature’s products in a way that is quite representative of the food industry today, I think. Health benefits are always the go-to: you just have to show your customer that a lemon is more than a fruit.

    Anyway, a nice piece to think with as I wrap up this chapter on health!

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