LaTeXed and lovely.

Well, I’ve now sent a draft of the whole dissertation off to my committee. I spent a goodly portion of the last couple of days before the deadline learning TeX stuff I have never had the pleasure of applying before: making more complex title pages, compiling tables of contents, resetting footnote and page counters, and using the \chapter{} heading. (This page on document structure has been particularly useful.) Things are looking beautiful, of course. Maybe now I will do some optional awesomeness like generating a list of figures. LaTeX, I love you.

Now comes the real drudgery: edits, revisions, fixing notes and citations, and learning more of the biblatex and biblatex-historian customizations that will allow me to format the bibliography in proper historian format, with archival collections separated out, and with appropriate abbreviations for those collections in the notes themselves. But it will be good to read the whole thing through from beginning to end once or twice. I did enjoy writing it most of the time, so reading it should be interesting as well.

Defense in two weeks. It’s the final countdown. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “LaTeXed and lovely.

  1. Congratulations on reaching this penultimate stage of your labors. I’m going to make sure that Helen receives your endorsement of LaTeX. Increasingly she needs just that kind of assistance.

  2. I might post a few selected examples in TUG-gallery fashion once the whole thing’s ready to go. Give me a bit of time.

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