Ask, and ye shall receive.

A few weekends ago, while hanging out with several MIT friends, we got to reminiscing about the good old days of athena (which I’m discovering is now debathena — lord knows what a cluster looks like these days or if undergrads have ever heard of a quickstation), and of text-based email clients, such as Pine, Elm, and, my personal favorite, mutt. I was speaking — nay, boasting — of my former mutt prowess, and inquired of folks whether they had every seen an integration of mutt with gmail. We all assumed that, google being google, someone had to have done it at some point; and, lo and behold, a quick search reveals that, yes, someone has.

This is definitely going on my list of things to try. Man! Those keystrokes. Motor memory being what it is, I can only assume it would all come back to me, in the same way and with the same feeling I get when I hear a phrase like blanche yourself onto or Bartholomew Squeak or hope alls well with you or find myself trying to explain cons to someone or remember not to break the abstraction barrier. Oh man. That’s a complicated feeling.

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  59 r + Apr 20 Steve Carson    (   0) Re: name that server!
  60   + Apr 20 eBay            (   0) A Big Thanks From eBay!
  61 r T Apr 21 David Kaiser    (   0) Re: STS.310 OCW site ready for review.
  62 r + Apr 21 Margaret Hart   (   0) Re: house of leaves, coffee?
  63   T Apr 21 Adrian Bischoff (   0) sox, july 2, 3?
  64 r C Apr 21 Mike Tarkanian  (   0) Re: sox, july 2, 3?
  65   T Apr 21 Adrian Bischoff (   0) Re: sox, july 2, 3?
  66   + Apr 22 Mariano Alvira  (   0) Re: perl stuff
  67   T Apr 22 Alice Cox       (   0) today
  68     Apr 22 Anne H. Marguli (   0) Fwd: Invitation to President Hockfield's
  69     Apr 22 Scott Johnston  (   0) France Telecom
  70   C Apr 22 Peter Mueller   (   0) Re: 5.068 OCW web site ready for your rev
  71     Apr 22 Conor Lenahan   (   0) Who says engineers jobs are boring
  72   F Apr 22 To Amrys O Will (   0) pepys & lexicon
  73   + Apr 22 Christina Matta (   0) Re: Housing in Madison?
  74     Apr 22 Aaron D. Mihali (   0) cropcircles.
  75 r + Apr 22 Alice Cox       (   0) Re: off early.
  76   T Apr 22 Mary C Potter   (   0) Re: 9.65 edits and approval for OCW.
  77   + Apr 23 Laura Iverson   (   0) Re: haymarket?
  78   F Apr 23 To a-side@MIT.E (   0) PARTY TONIGHT - Frogstar World B
  79   + Apr 23 Scott Johnston  (   0) wow
  80   + Apr 23 Will DelHagen   (   0) RE: PARTY TONIGHT - Frogstar World B
  81     Apr 23 Shervin Fatehi  (   0) Professors love to bluff
  82     Apr 23 Ian Martin      (   0) Re: Professors love to bluff
  83     Apr 24 Niko Matsakis   (   0) Re: Professors love to bluff
  84   + Apr 23 Karen Robinson  (   0) Re: saturday night!
  85     Apr 24 Amal K Dorai    (   0) best spam subject line ever
  86     Apr 24 melisande       (   0) The sweepers on May 1st
  87 r T Apr 24 Adrian Bischoff (   0) Re: sox, july 2, 3? tell me now if you wa
  88 ND  Apr 24 Jacqueline R Be (   0) DanceTroupe needs Ushers, House Managers,
  89   + Apr 24 Ehren Foss      (   8) scottosphere
  90  D  Apr 24 Laura A Daher   (  16) PIGS!
  91   T Apr 24 Scott Johnston  (   7) the blogger site.                        
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5 thoughts on “Ask, and ye shall receive.

  1. I can’t understand a word of this – which I suppose is about par. But among nerdy friends and relatives you are the greatest.

  2. Adrian: The mutt “screenshot” (if you can call it that) is from April 2005, I believe. It comes from an athena session in which johnston discovered a blog we had made of his non-blog blog posts. Those were zephyrs I wanted to save! (I actually have a bunch of old athena and zephyr logs that I could probably go through for a serious trip through the past, but I’m not sure I’m prepared to dive down that rabbit hole.)

    I have some photos from that Sox game we went to, actually. It was right in the midst of the insane push on the carboat construction, right before 4 July. That was the day I got to experience the amazing cruftlabs shower!

    So many memories… And to think this was all the summer before I left for grad school! Man, what happened?

    John: No worries! I have to stop letting my nerding get out of hand, but the inducements have been many of late. Fortunately for you (and pretty much everyone else), I have some more posts of broad interest in the works. Stay tuned!

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