Spot the bird.

After going to see the Roads of Arabia exhibit at the Sackler Gallery yesterday afternoon, I was greeted by a happy scene in the courtyard.

Castle Bird 1

Castle Bird 2

Castle Bird 3

The bird was noshing on the fruit-and-seed-heavy Christmas decorations, which were frankly feeling a bit out-of-place in yesterday’s 70-degree weather. I do love the color, though, especially with the gingko tree in the background, and the warm red of the Castle.


One thought on “Spot the bird.

  1. The perspective threw me for a loop for a minute, maybe a full minute, until I could mind-sweep all the background away and really see it for itself. At first I thought, “That must be one helluva big bird ~ what is it?” (play on words not intended) and then got it right. Nice day, lovely colors, sharp eyes, and interminable curiosity. Pretty good stuff!

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