An AHA moment.

After attending Bill Cronon’s presidential address on “Storytelling” at the American Historical Association conference a couple of weeks ago, I decided it would be worth my while to go back and read all his presidential columns from the newsletter in 2012. I’m posting links to them here for anyone else who wishes to do the same.

The Public Practice of History in and for a Digital Age (January 2012)
Scholarly Authority in a Wikified World (February 2012)
Professional Boredom (March 2012)
Loving History (April 2012)
Breaking Apart, Putting Together (May 2012)
Two Cheers for the Whig Interpretation of History (September 2012)
How Long Will People Read History Books? (October 2012)
Recollecting My Library… and My Self (November 2012)
And Gladly Teach (December 2012)

More to come on storytelling, public history, digital humanities, the future of the long-form narrative, and a host of ideas that are swimming around in my head in the wake of the meeting.

[ADDENDUM: As soon as I had posted this, I was perusing Bill’s web site and noticed that, of course, he has all his columns collected there as well. The AHA has links to ’em up too, they’re just at the bottom of a very long page of presidential addresses going back to Andrew Dickson White.]

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