Not cool.

90-degree weather in AprilIt’s been hot for two days already, but when I awoke to today’s forecast, I exclaimed out loud. This is just too much, too soon. I was in Toronto wearing down just a few days ago, and now you’re telling me it’s going to be ninety degrees today?! I don’t even have the clothes with me yet to handle such weather. I was expecting that I’d have a chance in early May to bring the winter clothes to Connecticut and bring back summer garb, without suffering too much, but this is just ridiculous.

I really thought I would be able to wait until May or June before putting on the air conditioning, but it may have to happen this afternoon. Unbelievable.

I am definitely not ready for this.


3 thoughts on “Not cool.

  1. Four weeks. In that space of time you will, I hope, find relief and be able to come back to D.C. more properly outfitted. Peace be with you, and the breezes too.

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