One week, one tool.

Today I packed my things, moved out of my DC apartment, and headed out to George Mason University for One Week | One Tool, a self-billed digital humanities barn raising organized by the Center for History and New Media, in which a group of twelve intrepid souls from different backgrounds will conceive, design, and prototype a tool that will be both useful and used by our audience. This will involve thoughtful guidance, wild brainstorming, teamwork and project management, lots of hard work, plenty of caffeine, and presumably a fair bit of sleep deprivation. Sound like a reality T.V. show? Someone’s already made that joke.

Sound more like being back in college? Mystery Hunt? (Hopefully nowhere near as smelly.) Or maybe turning a car into a boat in less than a month? Yeah, I thought that, too.

If you happen to be one of those people who believe that @ signs are not for reference types in your bibtex database, you can follow all of the action on Twitter, where it is noted by #owot.

Tom Scheinfeldt presides over introductions on the first night of OWOT 21013.
Tom Scheinfeldt presides over introductions on the first night of OWOT 2013.

I’m looking forward very much to building something. Let’s go!

2 thoughts on “One week, one tool.

  1. Heh, you’d be surprised at how thin the options are out here in the wilds of Fairfax County, on a commuter campus, in the summertime. I think the week will be better than the weekend was (everything: closed), but we shall see.

    I suspect I will have to plan my life around something other than meals this week. But Paul has promised a nice sushi meal when I get home on Saturday.

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