OWOT, day 3.

Today was the longest day so far here at One Week | One Tool: narrowing the field of possible tools by discussing feasibility (with given skills and within time constraints), our commitment as individuals and a group to the different ideas we floated, the communities of users we could envision for the tools, and more. It took all morning to narrow things down to a short list; then we broke for lunch and returned to whittle things down to two contenders. A long runoff process eventually brought us down to one.

We spent the rest of the afternoon dividing ourselves into teams (project management, development/design, and outreach), and then breaking up into smaller groups to devise our work plans. We kept working through dinner, and tomorrow’s an early morning to get right back to it.

I’m tired, and I have to reserve my energy for what will almost certainly be even longer and more intense days ahead, so that’s all for now. What are we building? You’ll have to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “OWOT, day 3.

  1. Well, get a good night’s sleep! I can hardly wait to hear what tool you are going to be building. But I suppose I will have to wait even longer – until this one week is completed and filed away – to find out what the tool is supposed to do.

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