OWOT, day 4.

I can hardly believe that we’ve already blown through Wednesday here at One Week | One Tool. The development/design team has a working prototype, the group was finally able to come up with and settle on a name, we on the outreach team are hammering out textual content as well as publicity strategy, and our intrepid design guru is hard at work on a logo and visual identity. Tomorrow the testing begins, in the presence of our generous sponsors from the National Endowment for the Humanities. There’s still a lot left to do, but we’re going strong.

Things I learned today:

  • In graduate school, they don’t teach you how to write a press release.
  • Adobe apparently has some majorly cool web tools relating to fonts and colors out there that would have made my former life as a web designer so much easier. Goodbye, web-safe-color-palette-with-hex-codes mousepad! Seriously, I think I still have that somewhere.
  • Being on the OWOT team means that, for at least one week, you have no life, to the extent that a “reserved for Alex” sign on the restaurant table for two next to you means that you will spend at least a half an hour of your group dinner speculating about Alex, his date, why the twentysomething guy all gussied up in suit and tie who you assume is Alex shows up with not one but two ladies, one of whom is dressed up and the other of whom is wearing a college logo t-shirt and athletic shorts, and what, actually, is going on between these three people whose relationships you can’t quite make out, before you realize, on the drive back to the hotel, that Alex might have been a girl.
  • There are several good donut shops within driving distance of my home in Connecticut.
  • Not only can cats paint, but some people paint cats. Why, we don’t quite know.
  • There are not just two, but three books about cats and aesthetics.
  • There is no end to the discussions this group can have about facial hair.
  • If you want to spend any time out of doors or exercising when you’re in the middle of a big work push, you absolutely have to do it first thing in the morning.

And so, to bed with me!

Why paint cats?  Why did the cats paint in the first place?
Why, indeed?

4 thoughts on “OWOT, day 4.

  1. This is really fascinating. I’m sorry that I ever asked about the one week/one project tool. Here you have a reality TV show right in front of you.

  2. I recognize this girl: she is either in a ruination of laughter from sheer astonishment and the joy of it, or she is exhausted — or both. Both. ¶PS: She lives nowhere there is not a doughnut shop and a decent up of coffee. She goes gentle on the doughnuts but restrains herself only too too much from indulging the coffee. ¶She is a kick!

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