OWOT, day 6.

It’s done. We built something. We celebrated. And it’s time for bed.

Breakfast tomorrow, goodbyes, and a train trip back home, during which I will have a long think about all the wonderful things that happened this week.

Thanks to everyone who made One Week | One Tool happen. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “OWOT, day 6.

  1. Brava. What a joy to share in the chaotic creative process, surprising oneself in the power of focused energy toward a common goal. It will be exciting to see how this tool evolves. Behold the power of the butterfly. . .

  2. I look forward to trying Serendip-o-matic. At first it sounded like some kind of low-end food processor, and I considered feeding it a recipe. But perhaps I’ll go with a recent paper. It could use some shredding and mixing.

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